We’ve Moved

I wanted to update you all to let you know that the blog has moved to my actual website. If you were a subscriber via email, I have added you to my subscriber list there, but you may have missed my last couple of blogs due to this transition. I apologize for any convenience. My... Continue Reading →


I was up until 2:00 am. I wanted desperately to publish my thoughts and feelings here, because after all, this is a place for me. But I didn't. I get it now. There is no place for me and only me. Our words are powerful. Wise leaders know and understand the power of their words and... Continue Reading →


I have been struggling all week to get something that I would consider "of value" out on paper. I have started, deleted, started again, deleted again... you get it. Sat down this morning to write. Nothing. One hour later, I was ready to throw in the towel and just put it off until tomorrow. So, I did the... Continue Reading →

No More Suffering

About a week ago, I started this blog. I wrote the first post, and then... nothing. I didn't share it with friends or family. I didn't share it with anyone. It just seems scary to self-promote sometimes. I don't mean that word in a way that would remotely suggest to brag or boast. I mean... Continue Reading →

Where to Begin

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This will be a place for me to share stories and unravel my brain. Here is what you can expect WHEN you hear from me. (This is also shared on my "About" page.) I won’t be sugar coating. I won’t always have a point or a message to share... Continue Reading →

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