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I was up until 2:00 am. I wanted desperately to publish my thoughts and feelings here, because after all, this is a place for me. But I didn’t. I get it now. There is no place for me and only me.

Our words are powerful. Wise leaders know and understand the power of their words and the weight they carry. The negative effects of social media have been a theme in situations near to me lately. I’ve seen people not get jobs, lose jobs, lose family, block family, and passive aggressively bully each other so much that my stomach hurts.

Last night I learned a lesson at the expense of someone whom I have respected, studied, and followed for over a year now. This person is a public figure. A Christian. An author. They reach millions with their words. Last night, they made a mistake.

Before you get going, I’m a believer in grace. This woman is human, and God is way bigger than what she posted on social media. However, she chose to use her platform, her public page, and not her private page (if she even has one – it’s not like we are friends) to share her opinion while she was angry. (She has openly admitted to that.) As a result hatred continued and the body was further weakened.

I’m going to get to the point, so I can quit thinking about this and move on with my day.

Christian leaders, let’s get our act together. Let’s quit leading others astray. We need to stop using our platform to get more “likes” and start using it to speak life! What we say, post, and do matters. Others are watching, and if that makes us uncomfortable, we need to step down from our position. As a leader we are on display. God has entrusted us with a group of people to lead. He will equip us with the skills we need to do it, but we must be fearless and trust in Him. We must wait to hear from Him in all things before moving ahead; otherwise, we will cause others to stumble.

And we will cause others to stumble. When we do, because we will, we have the opportunity to make it right. And unfortunately, that’s not just a matter of deleting a post.

Last night I realized some of the careless words I’ve spoken, and my heart broke.

Psalm 19:14

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”

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  1. Great words. I also believe we do not hear what is spoken and things are taken out of context and we imagine how people are talking–they yelling if typing in all caps or emotional when using !!!


    1. Molly, I could not agree more. Seeing the all caps is what led to me to believe that there was more emotion than discernment (and that’s okay, there are just consequences when you have 250,000 followers). I love my !!!!, so don’t be picking on them! HA! Love ya!


  2. Amber,
    You are so right. Those in leadership roles could really make a difference right now with emotions running so high and they could do this with their words.


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