No More Suffering

About a week ago, I started this blog. I wrote the first post, and then… nothing. I didn’t share it with friends or family. I didn’t share it with anyone.

It just seems scary to self-promote sometimes. I don’t mean that word in a way that would remotely suggest to brag or boast. I mean it in the truest sense of marketing. I struggle with sharing when it comes to things I’m doing or passions I have.

But then something happened.

I spent my weekend in Nashville, TN  with a leadership coach, entrepreneur, and best selling author. David and his wife, Sally, are people I respect. They have amazing qualities I hope to have one day.

They flew me in, spoiled me rotten, and mentored me the entire time. I guess they did make me work while I was there, but talking and teaching will never feel like work to me… if I get to talk and teach about things I love, that is.

Back to the point.

Friday evening, I heard these words.

“When we lack confidence, others suffer.” – David Beavers

Stop for just a bit. Take a deep breath. Let those words sink in.

Sometimes we have a message worth sharing. Most of the time it’s our lack of confidence that keeps us from doing so. If others need to hear the message, but we don’t share, they certainly suffer. But I would like to take this a step further. Because, today I realized it’s not just others who suffer, but also me.

Freedom comes in living out who you are meant to be. Confidence that is grounded in truth can not be shaken.

So there you have it: the second post, first one shared. I survived.

Philippians 1:6

“For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

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